Williams College Values Statement

With gratitude to statements by MIT and Harvey Mudd College

Williams College faculty and staff are happily united and divided across disciplines, fields, methods, modes of inquiry, and political beliefs. Our differences are made possible by the shared values at the core of the College’s mission. At this moment, with the current US administration espousing views and undertaking policies that endanger those values, it is important to say again what it is we hold in common.

This is what we share:

  • We endorse the principles that the College announces as its mission and purpose: free inquiry, civic engagement, open-mindedness, and concern for others.
  • We unconditionally reject bigotry, discrimination, and rhetoric and acts of hate, whatever the target: a person’s race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, religion, national origin, current citizenship, immigration status, disability, veteran status, or political views.
  • We uphold the principles of intellectual inquiry based on unbiased evaluation of evidence, reliance on reasoned arguments, examination of underlying assumptions, with truth and understanding as its goal.
  • We believe that policy decisions ought to be based on the best available scientific evidence and that independent academic inquiry has a role in helping shape this evidence.

We are ready to help anyone at Williams who fears oppression or persecution. We pledge to work with students, faculty, staff, and other members of our community to defend these principles today and in the times ahead.

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First Name Last Name Department / Organizational Unit I am a faculty member Title or Role
Sarah Jacobson Economics Yes Associate Professor
Bojana Mladenovic Philosophy Yes Professor
Tim Lebestky Biology Yes Associate Professor
Steven Gerrard Philosophy Yes Professor
David Eppel Theatre Yes Professor
Justin Shaddock Philosophy Yes Assistant Professor
Shawn Rosenheim English Yes Professor
Julie Cassiday German & Russian Yes Professor of Russian
Jana Sawicki Philosophy and Oakley Center Yes Carl. Vogt '58 Professor
Lucie Schmidt Economics Yes Professor
Kenda Mutongi History Yes Professor of history
S Saint-Just RLFR Yes Assistant Professor
Quamrul Ashraf Economics Yes Associate Professor
Ralph Bradburd Economics Yes Professor
Kashia Pieprzak Romance Languages Yes Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Krista Birch Oakley Center No Program Administrator
Neal Sardana Psychological Counseling Services No Fellow
Melissa Barry Philosophy Yes Professor of Philosophy
Sourena Parham CFLLC No Language Media and Technology Specialist
Mark Reinhardt Political Science and American Studies Yes Class of 1956 Professor of American Civilization
Li Yu Asian Studies Yes Associate Professor of Chinese
Gail Newman German and Comparative Literature Yes Professor
Janneke van de Stadt Russian and Comparative Literature Yes Professor
Darra Goldstein Russian Yes Adsit Professor of Russian
Laura Ephraim Political Science Yes Assistant Professor
Jerry Caprio Economics Yes Professor of Economics
Jacqueline Hidalgo Latina/o Studies and Religion Yes Associate Professor
Jason Josephson Storm Religion Yes Chair & Associate Professor
Molly Magavern Institutional Diversity and Equity No Director of Special Academic Programs
Amal Eqeiq Arabic Studies and Comparative Literature Yes Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies and Comparative Literature
Henry Art Environmental Studies / Biology Yes Professor
Mamoru Hatakeyama Asian Studies Yes Visiting Lecturer
Lucy Green CFLLC No Administrative Assistant
Mihai Stoiciu Mathematics and Statistics Yes Associate Professor
Paula Consolini Center for Learning in Action No Director
Steven Nafziger Economics Yes Associate Professor
Patti Exster Corporate & Foundation Relations No grants coordinator
Andy Cornell American Studies Yes Visiting Assistant Professor
Christopher Goh Chemistry Yes Associate Professor
Kathryn Kent English and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Yes Professor
Michael Briggs Planning, Design & Construction No Senior Project Manager
Cheryl Shanks Political science Yes Professor
Roger Bolton Economics and Environmental Studies No Professor Emeritus
Mea Cook Geosciences Yes Associate Professor
Emily Vasiliauskas English Yes Assistant Professor
Lori DuBois Williams Libraries No Reference/Instruction Librarian
David Ackerson Athletics No Asst. Director WOC
Grant Sun OCR | Parents Fund No Assistant to the SDO for Special Initiatives | Assistant to the Director of the Parents Fund
George Ferger Graduate Art History No Secretary
Karen Benko Library No Catalog Librarian
Gillian Sciacca Office of College Relations No Prospect Management & Research Analyst
Jeff Israel Religion and Jewish Studies Yes Assistant Professor
Lama Nassif Arabic Studies and Comparative Literature Yes Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies and Comparative Literature
Cornelius Kubler Asian Studies Yes Stanfield Professor of Asian Studies
Alice Gelheiser Health Services No RNBC, BSN
Che Tarah Davis Center No Program Coordinator
Eileen Daugherty OIT No Application Developer
Olga Shevchenko Anthropology and Sociology Yes Professor of Sociology
Jim Mahon Political Science Yes Professor
Richard Spalding Chaplains' Office No Chaplain to the College
Meredith Hoppin Classics Yes Gagliardi Professor of Classical Languages
Patrick Barber Chemistry Yes Visiting Assistant Professor
Angela Jimenez Children's Center No Toddler 2 Teacher
Lara Shore-Sheppard Economics Yes Professor
Alison Case English Yes Professor
Grant Shoffstall Sociology and Science and Technology Studies Yes Visiting Assistant Professor
Shawna Patterson-Stephens The Davis Center No Director
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